Henry Downs, How I Trained to Win the Mr. Britain Title (1957)

December the 11th, 1955, was a date to remember for me, for it was on that day I was placed second in the Mr. Britain contest. I had trained harder for that contest than any up to that time and thought I was in better shape than ever before. Well as you know, I didn't... Continue Reading →

Reg Park’s Bodybuilding Diet

Known for being an incredibly bodybuilder in his own right, Reg Park was the go to bodybuilder of the 1950s. Possessing an incredible look of power and strength, Park was the envy of many a gym goer. How did Park build his monstrous physique? Well the answer, quite simply, was that he ate like a... Continue Reading →

Reg Park Working Out c. 1960s

Known for inspiring countless gym goers during the twentieth-century, Reg Park was truly one of bodybuilding's first stars. Alongside Grimek and others, he helped popularise the sport in both the United States and Europe more generally. Although many photos exist of the man at his peak, few depict him in the middle of working out,... Continue Reading →

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