How to make eggs the Rheo H. Blair Way!

Having previously discussed Rheo H. Blair's revolutionary protein blend on this site, it seems only fair to look at another Blair invention, the '$1000 method to cook your eggs' . Why $1,000? Well according to Blair, he considered this cooking technique to be worth upwards of $1,000 owing to its beneficial effects on his client's... Continue Reading →

Protein Way of Life by Rheo H. Blair

Open any muscle mag from the mid-20th century and chances are you'll find a reference to Rheo H. Blair, and his famous instant protein. Blair's protein was used by the top bodybuilders of the 1950s ranging from Gironda to Arnie. He was a firm believer in the importance of top quality protein and often got... Continue Reading →

The Secret of Rheo H. Blair’s Protein Powder

Having discussed Bob Hoffman's (failed) attempts to create a protein powder that was both tasty and efficient, the time seems right to examine Rheo H. Blair's famous protein powder from the mid-twentieth century. Iron game historians will long be aware that Blair's protein powder was the go to supplement for bodybuilders, average trainees and even... Continue Reading →

The History of Protein Shakers

Before beginning, I have to thank a series of individuals for their help in devising this article. The good folks at and helped point me in the right direction for the earlier history of the shaker. Likewise Ron Campbell's Bodybuilding Books and Magazines group on Facebook which provided several leads which helped sharpen... Continue Reading →

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