Guest Post: A Short History of Vegan Diet

Today, we’re hearing about veganism more and more every day, but the truth is that this type of diet is not new at all. As a matter of fact, vegetarianism, veganism’s first cousin, can be traced to the Indus Valley AKA modern Pakistan some 5000 years in the past (3300-1300 BC). However, veganism appeared a... Continue Reading →

Bodybuilding and the Mail Order Ad

From Eugen Sandow to Charles Atlas, physical culturists have long made a living through mail order ads. Check out this old Arnie one from the late 1960s flogging the latest Weider product. So next time you grow weary of the hyperbole from today's modern advertisements, just remember that such ads are a time honored tradition... Continue Reading →

What did Eugen Sandow Eat?

How many times do you eat a day? Do you eat carbs after 3pm? Post-workout protein shake? Such are the questions faced by the modern day strength enthusiast. Are we overthinking the way we eat? In a world faced with a growing obesity epidemic and continuous production of low quality foods the answer may appear... Continue Reading →

What is the Anabolic Diet?

What if I told you about a diet that not only mimicked the effects of steroids but also allowed you to gorge on meats, eggs and cheese for days at a time before indulging in pizza and pancakes on the weekend? A diet that would help you get leaner, stronger and more muscular. A diet... Continue Reading →

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