Guest Post: A Brief History of the Vegetarian Diet

There are tons of reasons why you might consider becoming a vegetarian, and this dieting regime is an amazing way to take your health to the next level and become a leaner and slimmer person. This is a trick that’s been used by millions of people around the world for ages, and the reason for... Continue Reading →

The History of Peanut Butter

One of the few things to unite meat-eaters, vegetarians and even vegans, peanut butter is perhaps the great leveller of the fitness industry. High in calories, fat and protein, the delicious substance has been a go to option for muscle fanatics over the past century. Some use it as a spread whereas others, myself included... Continue Reading →

What did Eugen Sandow Eat?

How many times do you eat a day? Do you eat carbs after 3pm? Post-workout protein shake? Such are the questions faced by the modern day strength enthusiast. Are we overthinking the way we eat? In a world faced with a growing obesity epidemic and continuous production of low quality foods the answer may appear... Continue Reading →

What is the Anabolic Diet?

What if I told you about a diet that not only mimicked the effects of steroids but also allowed you to gorge on meats, eggs and cheese for days at a time before indulging in pizza and pancakes on the weekend? A diet that would help you get leaner, stronger and more muscular. A diet... Continue Reading →

How to make eggs the Rheo H. Blair Way!

Having previously discussed Rheo H. Blair's revolutionary protein blend on this site, it seems only fair to look at another Blair invention, the '$1000 method to cook your eggs' . Why $1,000? Well according to Blair, he considered this cooking technique to be worth upwards of $1,000 owing to its beneficial effects on his client's... Continue Reading →

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