John Christy, ‘Mid-Year Checkup’, Hardgainer Magazine, July/August (1999)

By the time you receive this issue of HARDGAINER we will be about half way through the year. So it's a good idea to take stock as to how your training is going so far, so that you make the rest of the year as productive as possible. Question #1 Are you stronger now than you... Continue Reading →

The Lost Art of Swingbell Training

Looking for something to break the monotony of dumbbell and barbell training? Admit it, every once and a while you like to try something new. Exercises or machines that truly test you. Well today, we're going to look at the Swingbell, an old school piece of bodybuilding equipment promoted by York during the heyday of... Continue Reading →

Vince Gironda Weight-Gain Diet

The following extract comes from Vince Gironda's 1984 Book: Unleashing the Wild Physique (available here). This book cannot be recommended highly enough, from VInce's no nonsense take on steroids to his innovative training techniques. Today's post comes from Vince's advice on weight gain. The real secret to gaining weight is food. The more you eat, the... Continue Reading →

Frank Zane’s Growth Program

The following extract comes from Frank Zane's excellent bodybuilding work: The Workouts -Personal Training Diaries, which is available from his website. Zane, a three time Mr. Olympia, is one of the few bodybuilders to defeat Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime and is possibly the most aesthetic man to win an Olympia. The polar opposite to the ungainly Bodybuilding's current mass... Continue Reading →

Can a Bodybuilder train by instinct?

This article, first written by Vince Gironda in 1974 sought to set the record straight on whether or not a bodybuilder could train by instinct. As always, Vince is frank, honest and straight to the point. This (instinctive training) is a term invented by so-called Body Building Experts who do not have the answers and... Continue Reading →

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