Guest Post: All-in-one History of Protein Shakes

If you thought bodybuilding and serious involvement in sport is mere exercising and pushing your body to its limits, think again. Of course, building up your muscle mass is crucial. However, you won’t get far with just that alone. In the era of food full of additives, one might frown upon the mere mention of... Continue Reading →

Workout for a Working Man

This article, first published in Health and Strength Magazine in 1956 is a great reminder that we don't need to spend hours in the gym to maintain our fitness. In fact, the writers of this programme believed it could be done in half an hour or less. Ideal for those struggling to make time to... Continue Reading →

The History of the Zercher Squat

Mentioned at various points on this particular site, the Zercher Squat has been described by many as one of the most effective but painful methods of building big quads. Uncomfortable to the nth degree, this lift isn't exactly the most popular amongst gym goers. A point which leads us into today's post. Why invent such... Continue Reading →

Frank Zane’s Ab routine

Few bodybuilders are remembered solely for their individual body parts. The collective entity? Certainly. But the individual sections of the body? This is a far rarer phenomenon. While Dorian Yates may be remembered for his towering Lat spread and Tom Platz for his Quad sweep, Frank Zane holds the distinction of being remembered for his... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Fitness Myths Of All Time

Image credit Binyamin Mellish So you are working hard, eating well and you have your mental health in check.  However there are some days when you look at social media, see your mates eating the best burger you have ever seen and you reminice.  Clean eating, it’s the only way to maintain your bodyweight, right?... Continue Reading →

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