Joe Weider’s Power Bracelet

Joe Weider is undoubtedly a divisive figure in the history of bodybuilding. Influential to the nth degree regarding the modern climate of the sport, Weider has been continually criticised for selling snake oil supplements to a naive public. Today's post briefly examines Joe's 'Hell-Bent for Leather N'Lead' product, a set of bracelets brought out by... Continue Reading →

What is the Anabolic Diet?

What if I told you about a diet that not only mimicked the effects of steroids but also allowed you to gorge on meats, eggs and cheese for days at a time before indulging in pizza and pancakes on the weekend? A diet that would help you get leaner, stronger and more muscular. A diet... Continue Reading →

How to make eggs the Rheo H. Blair Way!

Having previously discussed Rheo H. Blair's revolutionary protein blend on this site, it seems only fair to look at another Blair invention, the '$1000 method to cook your eggs' . Why $1,000? Well according to Blair, he considered this cooking technique to be worth upwards of $1,000 owing to its beneficial effects on his client's... Continue Reading →

Bodybuilding’s First Champion: William Murray

While many credit Eugen Sandow as the father of modern day bodybuilding, very little is said about William, 'Billy', Murray, the world's first recognisable bodybuilding champion. Today's post will look at the interaction between Sandow, the unofficial father of bodybuilding and Murray, its first official king. So who was William Murray? How did he win? And why... Continue Reading →

The Sig Klein Challenge

Face it. Every now and then you want to try something new in the gym. A new lift, a new rep range or an entirely new style of training. The mind gets bored of monotony, something which the lifters of yore were all too acquainted with. Today's post on the Sig Klein challenge will not only... Continue Reading →

Tony Sansone’s Weight Gain Diet

Born at the turn of the twentieth-century, Tony Sansone is perhaps one of the most famous physical culturists never to turn his hand to bodybuilding. Nevertheless his influence on bodybuilders and those seeking to get in shape was remarkable. Training under both Bernarr McFadden and Charles Atlas, Sansone developed one of the most sought after... Continue Reading →

The First Mr. Olympia

Image Credit: Physique Bodyware It all began in April 1965 in a Joe Weider magazine... Sick and tired of conversations about who was the greatest bodybuilder, Weider had decided to create a competition pitting champions from around the World against each other. In the same year that the iconic Gold's Gym opened, Weider's 'Mr. Olympia'... Continue Reading →

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